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Alcohol results in prolonged psychological issues even though it gives a short time satisfaction. Memory loss, depression and even suicide have all been known to come about as a result of taking alcohol.

Alcohol Rearranges Human Brain Is Chemical Make Up Visit Alcohol Rehab Brighton

Our brain relies on a delicate balance of chemicals and processes. Alcohol contains some substances which decrease neuronal activities, which changes our mood, sensation and reaction.

This is largely because of the neurotransmitter's chemicals that can help to transmit signals from a single nerve [neurone] within the brain to another.

The chemical alterations brought about by alcohol in your brain makes you feel relaxed when you drink the first cup of alcohol. Alcohol can make you feel confident and relieve the anxiousness within most of us. The transmission of neurons in our brain is only being affected at this point.

The brain gets distorted if you continue to take more drinks. There is a possibility that negative emotional response will arise in place of the sought pleasure, due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, irrespective of the feeling at the initial time. The tendency to become overly aggressive, depressed, angry or more anxiousness can be increased by alcohol.

Instead Of Lowering Anxiousness Or Stress Alcohol May Actually Raise Them In Alcohol Rehab Brighton

The result you seek when you turn to alcohol will not always come.

You can definitely find some relaxation when you have a glass of wine after a hard day at work but within the long-term, it can affect your feelings of depression and anxiety and make it harder for you to deal with stress. The reason for this is that the neurotransmitters that enhance our mental health have been hampered by excessive consumption of alcohol.

In our drunken state, our judgment fails to consider all the available cues, but rather follows a narrow path. Alcohol could cause you to focus on a single negative or threatening feature around you, particularly if you have underlying anxiety issues, and cause you to miss out on everything else that would give you better perspective. For instance, you may be accompanied by a partner and due to alcohol, you may only focus on them the moment they start chatting with a person you're jealous of.

Miseries Of Alcohol = A Cruel Effect

Some of the signs of depression will normally creep in if you engage in constant excessive and consumption of alcohol. Its just alcohol playing with the biochemical reactions in your brain again. Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that controls your temporary state of mind, is reduced when you consume alcohol frequently.

Majority of the depressed people and those suffering anxiety in Britain are either problem or heavy alcohol users. Some persons consume alcohol for the sole purpose of eliminating worries and fear. For some, the feelings of persecution were brought on because of their alcohol consumption.

The relation with your loved one and friends can also suffer because of high-risk alcohol consumption. Your job can equally be affected by drinking. Depression can fester well in the presence of such issues.

If you are consuming alcohol in an attempt to improve your mood or mask the depression, you could be getting into a vicious cycle. How to know if you are a victim:

  • Bad sleep after drinking
  • A feeling of tiredness because of a hangover
  • Low mood
  • Feeling anxious when you would normally feel comfortable

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How To Not Rely On Alcohol To Lighten Your Spirits In Alcohol Rehab Brighton

  • Handle your stress problems with relaxation and exercises as against alcohol intake
  • Consider inhaling and exhaling method of relaxation when you are stressed
  • Tell your concerns to someone
  • Avoid drinking when depressed
  • When consuming alcohol, always know the reason behind it
  • Alcohol will escalate the dip in your mood; do not think it will solve it

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Causing Your Own Death Psychosis And Harming Yourself Are Connected To Alcohol In Alcohol Rehab Brighton

Alcohol causes a lowering of inhibitions and can lead a person to do things that they normally wouldn't such as harming themselves or even committing suicide.

More than 50% of people that were admitted in hospitals because they wounded themselves knowingly, based on a data by NHS in Scotland, confessed to drinking alcohol before or during the action. Out of all the people who harmed themselves, 27% of the men and 19% of the women said alcohol was the reason.

Are you away? While majority of the people who drink too much are depressed and anxious, majority of those suffering anxiety and depression are alcohol abusers.

Psychosis can occur when a person drinks excessively, like consuming up to 30 units everyday for some weeks. Its symptoms include delusional and false feelings of persecution, and it is very serious. Delirium tremens is a condition with symptoms that include confusion and shaking and this condition may occur if a heavy drinker was to suddenly stop drinking.

Alcohol Has The Ability To Damage Your Memory

You can witness a damaged memory owing to the slowing of brain functions after heavy drinking. The brain ceases sending information where memories are stored after taking excessive amounts of alcohol. This is the reason behind the memory loss that you may experience after drinking. Over the cause of time, more high-risk drinking can lead to brain damage, since alcohol alters the brain's biochemical processes, but the scenario discussed above still leaves the brain cells intact, since it is just temporary amnesia or what is more commonly referred to as a "black out".

Consuming alcohol heavily over an extended pair of time can also have long-term effects on your memory. Trying to recall past events can be a hard task, even at periods when you are not drunk.

FACTS Alcohol can disrupt the balance of chemicals within the brain that can affect your mood.

Maintaining Self Control Within Alcohol Rehab Brighton

You can minimize the way you drink by following the government's less harmful alcohol directives. You can remain within the limits through these methods:

Consider alternative methods to cope with stress. You should have a chat with a friend about your worries, a yoga class, a walkout or swimming exercise over a bottle of beer or glass of wine after the work of the day.

Avoid drinking on Certain days. Tolerance sets in when you drink alcohol regularly. To make sure that you don't form a dependency on the substance, a lot of medical professionals suggested that one should not drink on regular days. Record the favourable effects you will experience when you abstain from alcohol.