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Since 2013, 220 - 260 individuals were killed in the UK due to fatal road accidents where someone involved was above the drink drive limit. If we get the figures right, almost 240 people died due to those incidents. Though the rate of accidents caused by drunk drivers has witnessed a huge drop within the last 35 years, we still have these high figures.

Between 1979 and 2012, there was a significant decrease in the numbers of deaths and serious injuries related to drink driving which has fallen by more than 75%.

What Volume Of Drink Driving Does Wales And England Accept Visit Brighton

For every 35mcg of alcohol per 100ml of air expelled, 107mg of alcohol per 100ml of urine, or 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, that is the legal limit of blood alcohol for motorists in Wales and England.

In other European nations, the limit has been set at 50 mg for every 100 mL of blood.

What Is The Drink Driving Limit In Scotland Visit Brighton

Drivers within Scotland have a different limit than the rest of the UK. The limit of 50mg/100ml of blood was set in December 2014. Only 22 micrograms per 100mg of breadth was the acceptable limit for the drivers.

The Scottish government has issued a statement mentioning that they have made changes to the drink drive limit in order to be in line with most other European nations with the sole intention to save lives and make the roads in Scotland safer.

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To Remain Below The Given Limits What Is The Quantity Of Alcohol I Must Consume At Brighton

You can't take a shortcut in this matter. Not everyone has a single scale; rather there are things that are considered before checking up the drinking limit.

Following factors are needed to identify the drinking limit;

  • Your body's metabolism, your weight, age and sex
  • The amount and kind of alcohol being drunk
  • What food has recently been eaten
  • The level of stress you go through in some cases

Minor quantities of alcohol can affect your driving and therefore, the best advice that can be provided is to avoid any alcohol if you intend to drive.

How Your Ability To Operate A Vehicle Is Affected By Alcohol Call Brighton

Alcohol badly affects the body's functions which are used during driving:

  • The amount of time it takes the eyes to communicate to the brain is prolonged
  • It becomes a struggle just to process data
  • The muscles of the body react slowly because of the delay in sending instructions to them

You cannot have a clear view of things because of issues of blurred or double vision. Your ability to suppress some desires will be lost, making you susceptible to dangerous risks you hitherto wouldn't have taken.

How Are The Tests For Alcohol Limits Carried Out At Brighton

It is advisable to avoid alcohol completely whenever you are driving because your driving skills could be negatively affected by even the smallest volume of alcohol.

You can be subjected to a screening breath test by the roadside if the police look forward to investigating whether you are over the drink driving limit. A breathalyser is what will used to conduct this test.

If you do not pass this test or if the police have other grounds to believe that, your driving was impaired because of alcohol you could be taken to the police station for further testing with a final breath test. Only the serious cases are taken to the station, where you are tested out with the complex breathalyzers.

Whether or not you're over the limit will be decided by the lowest of the two readings.

Although the policeman will choose which test to conduct, it is your right to request a urine test instead if the deciding test reading shows that you have exceeded the alcohol limit by over 40 percent. You will be charged with a crime if you're found to be over the drink driving limit.

If you're involved in an accident or committed an offence such as making a wrong turn or passing a red light or given the authorities any reason to suspect you may be under the influence, a breath test may be carried out.

You can never say no to them, because if they spotted you driving in an unusual way, they will take you out of the car and will examine you, especially if you are driving at special days.

When They Catch Me Drunk While Operating A Vehicle What Will They Charge Me With

The fine for driving while over the legal alcohol limit can be up to 5000 pounds and you can also have your license suspended for 12 months or more. Penalty driving points ranging from 3 to 11 can also be awarded. You also face a possible 6 months period of jail time. How serious the offence is will determine the severity of whichever disciplinary measure is decided on. The person will suffer from severe punishment if he gets caught more than once for exceeding drinking limit in 10 years time period.

How Can I Drive Safely & Avoid Drinking Kindly Consult Brighton

  • Pick a designated driver from amongst your friends whenever you are hanging out.
  • The designated driver is the one who'll be responsible for driving the others and they need to abstain from drinking on such a night.
  • You can benefit greatly from public transportation if you reside in an area where they are always available.
  • You should ensure that you have a couple of taxi numbers if you are planning on staying beyond the time of the last train, tube or bus.
  • If you have been left with no options but to drive you should be sticking to zero alcohol beers, mocktails or soft drinks of the standard variety.
  • You can either make use of an alcohol free night or a restaurant, instead of spending every outing at a pub or bar.