Admissions during-rehab

The admission process is private and effortless.

You will receive a cordial welcome when you are admitted to our clinic for treatment. You would need to arrange your admission beforehand, although mostly, we do accept new admissions placed within 24 hours from the actual booking.

Referrals can be accepted from the client themselves, friends, family, and health professionals. We'll make sure that our employees are ready to welcome you as soon as the booking has been confirmed.

When you arrive at the clinic you'll meet the clinical team and you'll be escorted around to offer you the chance to get to know the facility's layout. Upon arrival we will also give you a welcome pack which has a timetable for your therapy session and also explains everything that you need to be conversant with during your stay at our facility, the Sanctuary Lodge. Please give us a call if you can't travel to our centre by yourself.

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First 24 Hours Upon Admission

On the first 24 hours of your admission, we will prepare everything for your first meeting with your detox specialist.

A complete evaluation will be performed here about your psychological and medical treatment requirements. A complete detoxification course of action will get prescribed if it is needed. Then our medical health professionals will monitor and administer the detox under strict protocol.

Please don't forget that you need to provide us with details about your physician's surgery and that you must bring with you any medications if you are currently taking them.

A psychiatrist will call attention to any aspects of your treatment that need expert attention and make suggestions. It is very crucial for us to address all your treatment needs during your admission; thus, we'll make sure that any aspect which has been stressed or suggested is included in your personalised treatment programme. In order to ensure that you are always receiving the best in healthcare at all times, our clinical director, counsellors and medical professionals will periodically and continually review your treatment plan.

Our hospitable employees will then assist you in settling in once your evaluation is done. Our staff are always available to offer reassurance, give advice and help in all matters especially because we recognize that this is a trying and worrisome time for most people.