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Our Dream

Adfam is a national charity working to help and better the life for families who are affected by alcohol and drugs. We strive to give anyone affected by a family member's addiction the opportunity to get the benefit from supportive and healthy relationships, feel involved within a loving family and maintain a healthy mental as well as physical wellbeing.

Family relationships as well as their mental health are threatened with destruction due to drugs and alcohol use.

Our Goal

We stop these incidents happening by enabling family members as well as support workers to influence the addict's decision-making.

What We Value

We listen to families and workers in order to help We understand that people who face challenges usually have answers . We get informed by our supporters: with the help of sympathy and confirmation we advice, engage, and help both the individuals who are influenced by a friend or family member's drug abuse and those who support them. Capacity building, through making resources available to learn productive skills and instil confidence on individual's potential for productivity.

We're Driven By What Works

Substance abuse has a diverse and intense effect on family relations and happiness. We focus on things that give results in reality and we do our work seriously and carefully. Our work is driven by our companions, supporters and associates and what they actually told us. In order to achieve this we take evidences in all aspects, appreciate the genuine experiences and formal research proves.

We're Serious About Our Mission

Our overall objective is driven by commitment and partnering with organisations which share similar sentiments towards addiction rehabilitation. We recognise that injustice and discrimination are the biggest threats towards individual and family recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. We advocate for just society of individuals with equal rights and opportunities regardless of their drug or alcohol orientation to make a contribution using individual potential towards nation building activities through collective participation.

Who Are Our Partners

  • Family members, friends and carers - We actually notify and engage those individuals who are influenced by other's substance utilise, and we also wanted to raise their voices and realize them to know that they are in the issue that badly affect them.
  • Frontline workers - We seek to build individual confidence to take control to support family and work mates in a common goal.
  • Decision- Architects. In order to shape policy and ensure they understand the families issues we work with everyday, we engage and influence key national and local decision-makers.

Ready to Get Help?

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